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About Us

The story behind Emeche

The idea of Eméché (means tipsy in French) Cupcakes is rooted in a time I lived in Brooklyn, NY. I always had a penchant for food and baking being from Chicago with living in New York’s food scene, increasing my affinity for it. I started merely baking alcohol-infused cupcakes in my small walkup in Brooklyn for my friends and co-workers. As they passed the word around about the cupcakes, I found myself having more orders to fill frequently. Then, I decided why not merge my love of creating desserts with a business where I can share with people who love sweets as much as I do! I decided to move back to my hometown of Chicago and try my luck out and bring the dream of Eméché alive.

In Fall 2019, we opened our first Brick and Mortar, Eméché Cakery & Cafe in the Historical Bronzeville Neighborhood. Our product offerings include our infamous dessert Jars, a variety of pastries, including vegan options. We wouldn’t be true to our name if we didn’t offer Desserts infused will alcohol as well!


- Janell R

Owner and Dessert Extraordinaire

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